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AIS Prevention
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Lotus Lake AIS Inspection Update
Since early 2010, the LLCA has been working to encourage inspection of all boats before they enter the water at Chanhassen boat ramps. Inspecting boats and water related equipment is the best method available for preventing the spread of AIS.

In 2012, the City of Chanhassen, working with funding from the Watershed, City, DNR, and LLCA implemented a part-time inspection program at all three of Chanhassen's lakes. The LLCA supplements this program with money from member donations. The City's program runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Over the last several years, boats with weeds carrying zebra mussels on trailers have been stopped from entering Lotus Lake due to a successful ramp inspector program. Lotus Lake is the headwaters of the Purgatory chain of lakes, meaning that it is the first lake in chain, and water flows from Lotus to the rest of the lakes, to all of Purgatory Creek, and it’s wetlands. If not for the inspection program, Lotus Lake and several other lakes would now be infested with zebra mussels.

You can help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species. Take three steps every time you use or leave a lake or river - whether or not it's infested:

  • Clean all aquatic plants, zebra mussels, and other invasive species from boats, trailers, and water-related equipment. 
  • Drain water from your boat, ballast tanks, motor, live well and bait container. Remove drain plugs and keep drain plugs out while transporting equipment.
  • Dispose of unwanted bait in the trash. To keep live bait, drain the water and refill the bait container with bottled or tap water.
  • PLEASE If you are hiring anyone to take care of any lake equipment, etc, use Approved Lake Service Providers in the area that have undergone training to install, move, repair, items like boat lifts, docs, boats, or other equipment in MN lakes and are permitted to perform such work. 
  • PLEASE Do not purchase used lake equipment that came from a lake infested with anything other than Eurasian watermilfoil, which is already present in Lotus Lake This may include boats, motors, rafts, docks or sporting equipment from known infested waters.  

Thanks to two local Chanhassen High School students, you can view the video below on how properly inspect a boat for AIS.
AIS inspections will again be managed by Carver County in 2017. With the addition of management staff in 2016, Carver County increased support to oversee the 800+ hours of inspections from Labor Day to November 15th in Lotus Lake. In addition, the LLCA is working to increase inspection funding from our partners to better protect Lake Ann & Lake Susan as well. Keeping these valuable lakes clean adds to overall Chanhassen property values and the enjoyment of thousands of visitors every year. 

The program has worked successfully on Lotus Lake with several watercrafts stopped from entering due to AIS inspection violations, saving the waters from new contamination.  As we look at an additional threat that has inpacted nearby waters (Starry Stonewart), we will need to remain vigilant. 

Total for 2016 Chanhassen Watercraft Inspection Services was $50,061.66 for all three lakes in the area. Costs & funding breakdown:
 - RBBCWD $25,000
 - City of Chanhassen $14,500
 - Carver County $2,000 + management
 - LLCA $8,561.66 (Lotus Lake only)