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Invasive aquatic weed, starry stonewort, creeps across US
Associated Press, KARE 11 February 5, 2017

Dayton's clean water vision: 25 by 25
John Croman, KARE 11, February 3, 2017

Zebra mussels found in Lake Minnewashta
Richard Crawford, Chanhassen Villager, August 22, 2016

DNR confirms 2nd starry stonewort infestation in Minnesota
KARE 11, August 10, 2016

Three beaches closed due to water issues
Richard Crawford, Chanhassen Villager, August 16, 2016

Signs of zebra mussels; no new infestations in county
Richard Crawford, Chanhassen Villager, July 26, 2016

Chanhassen Villager, July 24, 2014
"Commentary: Comment on watershed rules"
Anne Florenzo comments on the onerous nature of the proposed Watershed stormwater rules, and the thousands of people who will be affected by the new rules but are not aware of the proposed changes.

Chanhassen Villager, July 10, 2014
"Watershed district takes step back on new rules"
120 people attended the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District meeting on July 2nd to express their concerns with the RPBCWD's proposed new rules.

Chanhassen Villager, July 10, 2014
"Commentary: Proposed rules example of watershed gone wrong"
Laurie Susla comments on how the proposed lakeshore buffer rules will negatively impact area families while providing little if any improvement for area waters.

Sun Sailor, November 15, 2012
"Shorewood honored for clean water efforts"
The City of Shorewood is honored with the Innovation in Government Award from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.

Sun Sailor, October 24, 2012
"Can Aquatic Invasive Species be stopped?"
Dick Osgood, Executive Director of the Lake Minnetonka Association, discusses how to stop the spread of AIS.

Chanhassen Villager, October 18, 2012
"Zebra mussel foiled at 11th hour"
During the last hour of the last day of inspections, a boat is stopped with zebra mussel(s?) in weeds on the trailer.

Sun Sailor, September 26, 2012
"Do zebra mussels mean clean water?"
Dick Osgood discusses the effects zebra mussels will have on Lake Minnetonka, including increases in blue-green algae.

Star Tribune, September 9, 2012
"Coming attractions in aquatic invasive species"
Lake Minnewashta's Steve Gunther describes what the future could hold if steps aren't taken soon.

Sun Sailor, July 25, 2012
"Being bold in the fight against aquatic invasive species"
Discussion about plans by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District to prevent AIS spread.

Chanhassen Villager, March 21, 2012
"Zebra mussel battle headed to courtroom"
Richard Crawford reports on the move by Christmas, Lotus and Bavaria to protect the three lakes.

Star Tribune, March 21, 2012
"DNR sued about zebra mussel inspections"
Tom Meersman reports on the lawsuit filed by Christmas Lake, Lotus Lake, and Lake Bavaria.

Star Tribune, March 4th, 2012
"Lake advocates pressing for Legacy money to battle zebra mussels"
Tom Meersman reports on efforts to use part of Minnesota's Clean Water & Legacy funding to protect the State's lakes.

Chanhassen Villager, February 29, 2012
"City takes steps in aquatic battle"
Richard Crawford reports on the AIS proposal put forth by Chanhassen, including 2012 budget and AIS prevention plans.

Chanhassen Villager, February 24, 2012
"Carp catch"
Article and pictures about the carp seining on Lotus Lake by Dr. Peter Sorensen and his crew of researchers and fishermen.

Chanhassen Villager, February 17, 2012
"Lake groups seek action this year on zebra mussels"
Article covering requests by local lake groups for Chanhassen to implement an effective AIS prevention plan for 2012.

Chanhassen Villager, January 24, 2012
"County to inspect boats at Lake Minnewashta Park"
Carver County approves plans to finance, along with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, an AIS inspection program at Lake Minnewashta for the upcoming boating season.

Chanhassen Villager, October 28, 2011
"Zebra mussel meeting Saturday"
Meeting announcement for upcoming AIS Informational meeting at Chan Rec Center.

Chanhassen Villager, September 20, 2011
"Plan to gate lakes for zebra mussels gets no traction"
Richard Crawford reports on the Chanhassen City Council working session (Sept. 12th) where zebra mussels, and Lotus Lake's fight to keep them out, were discussed.

Star Tribune, August 14, 2011
"Look reveals Mille Lacs has grown mussel-bound"
Doug Smith reports on how the zebra mussel population is "exploding" and blanketing vast areas of Lake Mille Lacs.

Star Tribune, August 12, 2011
"Dennis Anderson: What's needed is big thinking towards invasive species"
Dennis Anderson reports on the DNR's slow action regarding AIS.

Star Tribune, August 10, 2011
"Doing our Part: Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention"
Excellent article by Vern Wagner, who is an avid angler, about how fishermen can be part of the solution to AIS.

Star Tribune, August 9, 2011
"Zebra mussels stir lake dwellers to new action"
Outlines efforts by Lotus, Minnewashta, and Christmas Lakes to keep out AIS.

Star Tribune, August 6, 2011
"Muscling up against mussels"
Josephine Marcotty reports on the DNR's belated efforts to slow the spread of AIS. This article features a picture of a "decontamination pad", one of three recently purchased by the DNR. Keep in mind that Gray's Bay is one of nine public launches on Minnetonka. There are also many private launches. Three pads used occasionally, on one of dozens of infested lakes, is no solution to the problem.

Chanhassen Villager, August 4, 2011
"Suspicious behavior prompts infestation fears"
Forrest Adams reports on threatening incidents which occurred at the Lotus Lake boat launch. One individual was responsible for all of the threatening acts.

Chanhassen Villager, August 4, 2011
"How about some facts on zebra mussels"
Letter to the Editor from Steve Donen, President of the Lotus Lake Clean Water Organization emphasizing facts instead of misconceptions.

Chanhassen Villager, August 4, 2011
"What about greater good?"
Letter to the Editor from Laurie Susla, questioning why people who use lakes don't seem to want to protect lakes.

KARE11 News, July 26, 2011
"Group wants gates at public boat launches on three MN lakes"
Shown on the 6:00 news, this report features Steve Jenks talking briefly about the Lake Action Alliance plan for inspecting boats prior to launch.

WCCO News - CBS Minnesota, July 25, 2011
"Plan To Control Zebra Mussels Creates Controversy"
Bill Hudson reports from Christmas Lake, interviewing Joe Shneider, President of the Christmas Lake Homeowners Association, about their plan to control AIS.

Chanhassen Villager, July 17, 2011
"Zebra mussel inspections, the data"
Actual data from the inspections being conducted at the public boat launch for Lotus Lake showing several boaters attempting to launch with infested waters onboard.

Chanhassen Villager, July 14, 2011
"The muscle behind zebra mussel prevention"
Front page article and picture featuring those spearheading the efforts to prevent AIS on Lotus Lake, Christmas Lake and Lake Minnewashta.

Chanhassen Villager, July 14, 2011
"Letter from lake activists to governor and DNR commissioner"
Letter sent to state leaders from nine area groups, urging them to allow pilot projects to help save our lakes.

Sun Sailor - July 12, 2011
"Clean, drain, dry: The only way to out-mussel zebra mussels"
Guest columnist Jim Calkins, President of the Minihaha Creek Watershed District, discusses how to prevent the spread of AIS - Drain, Clean & Dry.

Chanhassen Villager - July 7, 2011
"Efforts ongoing to install gates at local lakes"
Report on efforts to keep zebra mussels and other AIS out of Lotus Lake, Christmas Lake and Lake Minnewashta, including info on plans to gate accesses.

Star Tribune - July 6, 2011
"Mussels infest Lake Minnetonka"
Great picture showing a busy Gray's Bay boat launch, and details about the spread of zebra mussels throughout Lake Minnetonka.

Sun Sailor - July 5, 2011
"Shorewood supports pilot program to stop AIS in Christmas Lake"
Front page article does a great job outlining the AIS prevention pilot program which was approved unanimously by the Shorewood City Council.

Star Tribune - July 1, 2011
"Residents want more muscle put into stopping mussels"
Outlines efforts by several west metro lakes to stop the spread of AIS.

MN Lake News 
Volunteer for Adopt-A-Dock program

Adopt a Dock is a citizen science initiative in which lakeshore residents monitor for aquatic invasive species. Want to join the team? Email Maya: mswope@rpbcwd.org 

In the spring, volunteers attach monitoring plates to the end of their docks. They check your plates once a month, and report observations to the watershed district. More details HERE.
Herbicide Treatment Coming Soon

The Riley-Purgatory-Bluff Creek Watershed District is proposing to have herbicide treatment applied to areas with curly-leaf pondweed on Lotus Lake. The herbicide used would be a low dose of Diquat and would be applied early-season; please see below for specific targeted areas. Application of this herbicide will occur when the treatment will be optimal (low wind action and water temperature close to 60F) - tentatively scheduled the end of the week of May 24.

The District recommends that you do not use the water from Lotus Lake for human or animal drinking,and irrigation within 7 days of application. If you would like to opt-out from having treatment occur on your property, please contact me at the below contact information. Please let us know if you would like to opt-out by May 27, 2020. The treatment of the lake would be at no-cost to the residents.

Contact Claire: cbleser@rpbcwd.org
952-607-6512, rpbcwd.org