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Lotus Lake Facts and Figures

Location:                  Chanhassen, Carver County, Minnesota, USA.

                                 44° 52' 1" N, 93° 31' 24.5" W

Area:                         248 acres

Average Depth:        16 ft

Maximum Depth:      31 ft

Watershed Size:        1,048 acres

Trophic Status:          Hypereutrophic

Common fish:            Bluegill, Yellow Bullhead, Walleye, Black Crappie

Invasive Species:       Eurasian Watermilfoil, Curlyleaf Pondweed, Brittle Naiad,

                                  Common Carp

Current Water Level:



Eric Engbretson

Yellow Bullhead


Joe Tomelleri



Black Crappie


Dennis Anderson •


Paul Granos


As the executive director of Lotus Lake Conservation Alliance, Iris brings years of experience in environmental conservation and advocacy to our organization. She is committed to ensuring that our efforts lead to tangible and meaningful results in preserving Lotus Lake.

Steve Donen

Vice President

Benjamin is a passionate conservation biologist with years of experience in the field. He leads our restoration and research efforts, ensuring that our work is grounded in scientific research and best practices.

Mark von Oven

Information Systems

Georgia is responsible for coordinating and implementing our community outreach efforts. She works to engage and educate the community on the importance of conservation and to build partnerships with local organizations and businesses.

Andrew Aller

Watershed Liason

Jia is a restoration ecologist with a deep understanding of the complexities of restoring degraded ecosystems. She leads our restoration efforts, working to restore native habitats and improve water quality in Lotus Lake.

Louis Bisset

Research Assistant

Louis supports our research and restoration efforts through data collection, analysis, and GIS mapping. He is passionate about using data-driven approaches to inform conservation efforts and ensure that our work is effective and impactful.

Kaamla Murad

Community Science Coordinator

Kaamla coordinates our community science program, engaging volunteers in collecting data on water quality and biodiversity in Lotus Lake. She is committed to making science accessible and engaging for all members of our community.

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